His Perfect Timing

January 28, 2010 Suzie

I haven’t written for ages but my cousin caught up on reading my blog and left a comment and once again it just struck me how utterly perfect God’s timing is and He keeps showing me this, showing me He is more than faithful. ‘My times are in His hands’.

I was reading the last blog I wrote and realised I hadn’t filled you in! I wrote in the last one that I had prayed to know God’s love for me in an intimate way. I prayed this and a little while later He showed me how much He loves me.

I asked for a worship C.D and a red rose. I knew it was crazily random but a few weeks after this I was invited to go to a woman’s conference called Breathe and after a lot of consideration I knew I had to go. I can already see how this is all a part of the jigsaw that God Himself has created, and bit by bit, He is putting the jigsaw back together whilst reminding me He has the big picture. So throughout this weekend there was an amazing worship group and a few of their songs, that they had written themselves, I just knew I had to get it! When we were about to leave on the final day they said, we have a little present for each of you. Take it and be blessed. As we walked out, the men that had been there serving us, handed out red roses to us and I was handed one. My friend I was with hates roses and turned round and gave me hers too. I love roses! Whilst on the bus God reminded me of what I prayed for and I just silently cryed and took in His amazing love that not only sent Jesus to the Cross but delights in showing me this love. I thought it was pretty awesome!!

But recently, I have let myself forget this and have been so challenged at our Christian Union that Jesus is our ONLY salvation, it is absolutely NOTHING of us. I know this but I have started to question my attitude, This year I have been asked to be President of our Christian Union which is an enormous responsibility and privilege but at the same time I have had to question myself, my heart and my motives as to why I do what I do. If I’m honest, its all a bit confusing and crazy at the moment but God has blessed me with an amazing spiritual friend and mentour who is journeying with me on this exciting yet hard journey.

But when my cousin replied to my blog it was so utterly perfect but God knew that was what I am struggling with and needed to hear. My mentour has suggested that I ask God to romance me and only the other week a friend was praying for another friend and prayed that God would woo her and I said at the time in mny heart, God I wnat to be wooed.

I want to go deeper, that is my heart’s cry but it’s hard and only yesterday my sister reminded me that we have to be disciplined, Paul speaks of it being like the olympics, its tough, we have to train, its a fight. I’m praying God will give me the strength to fight.

There is so much more I could share but I will wait and see where He leads me. He is so good. So utterly good. oh to know Him more!


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  • 1. inrelentlesspursuitoftruth  |  January 29, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    My my His beauty is just beyond description!!
    As Hosea says, ” let us press on to know Him”.
    He’s so in love with you and there is nothing that He will stop at to display that love before your eyes!

  • 2. Han  |  February 4, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Hey lovely one!

    You are so right about the timing. Shape, Purpose Driven Life and this masquerade one all at the same time – God doesn’t do things by halves does he lol.

    BIG HUGS!!!!! love you!
    P.s. Thank you for freezing your backside off with me yesterday – I couldn’t be in there and needed to escape.

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