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January 26, 2009 Suzie

So, a little while ago i wrote a blog about how i couldn’t find a church and if i’m honest, it started to get to me. I was frustrated and kept praying but wonderign if i would actually find anywhere.

i have felt so selfish because to be honest i’m spoilt for choice for churches where i am but none felt right even though they were good and faithful, they just didn’t feel like home. So last week i heard about a different church, one i hadn’t come across before so i listened to a couple of sermons and they were soo so good! I had to find it! So after the service at another church, i walked to this one to find out about their serviceas and made a plan to go the foolowing week.. yesterday!

It was such a blessed day from the people, to the teaching, to the worship, to the people that invited me to lunch and made me feel at home despite the struggles they are facing right now and you know what…i felt like I’d coem home! what a feeling!

The sermon in the morning was the third in the series of Jonah and it was just what my heart needed to hear… Jonah didin’t think that the Ninevites were worthy of Gods grace and Myles got us to look at ourselves and think if there was any one in our lives that we thought about that…’that person will never become a christian’…etc. that challenged me! he went onto talk about the things in our churches that we get caught up in like pews to chairs etc when we should be concerned for the lost. The question that struck me was, ‘what keeps you awake at night? is it the stress of the day or those who are lost’. what a challenge! what a church to be a part of but the thing that i realised or that God opened my eyes to see that was through not feeling at home in the CU or church i was able to do a part of what he wanted me to do…

so through my life i have had lots of christian friends, never had many non christian friends and i was scared about that coming to uni. I reckon if i had felt a part of the CU and the churc straight away i would have been caught up in the Bible but it made me reach out and make friends, good friends with some non christians and i want to reach them, i want to love the, i want to be Jesus to them.

To finsh off, the quoute of the sermon yesterday that will stick with me is: ‘Lord, break my heart with the things that break your heart’. Amen is all i can say to that. And thank you Lord for being soo so faithful and good!


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  • 1. gabi  |  January 26, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Thank You, Daddy for placing Suzie into a family that will stretch her, grow her and be your heart towards her!

  • 2. Michelle  |  February 4, 2009 at 4:58 am

    Golly, you have such a beautiful, beautiful heart, Suzie! You really do. I can sense such understanding for others and for what other people are going through in you. Your heart is filled with compassion. I love how devoted your heart is to God — and how concerned you were about finding the RIGHT church, not just settling somewhere because it was comfortable or convenient. I’ve actually been going through that a bit lately. The church I’m at now I’ve been going to for about the past 10 years. I love it, but I’m also not totally satisfied… and yet I’m not sure if I’ve stayed because God wants me to stay, or if I’m staying because it’s comfortable and familiar.

    How is being a CU leader going for you? And also, what does CU stand for — or what does being a CU leader entail? I’ve always meant to ask you that :o)

    God bless you, girl! And I love you!


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