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January 22, 2009 Suzie

There is so much going on in my head and my heart that I don’t really know where to begin. Firstly, I was so excited I just had to blog twice so thanks for reading! Lately I guess I’ve been a little frustrated that Gods word hasn’t seemed particularly real to me, like I’m just going through the motions to read it last thing at night before sleeping and thats it. Today I’ve listened to quite a few sermons of Mark Driscoll on Song of songs, awesome stuff!

Anyway, tonight I decided to take some time out to do my readings a little earlier and spend time with God. I did my usual readings and was struck by the story of Abraham taking Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him and i thought to myself ‘wow, thats real trust in God, what a sacrifice’. This of course lead me to God and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, God has always known that Jesus would die, what a sacrifice! Kind of blew my mind once again.

I carried on reading and felt God leading me to Johns gospel chapter 15, ‘The vine and the branches’ and I have to say God by His Spirit has revealed it in a new and excititng way for me so i thought i’d share it wth you also so that i remember what He has been teaching me.

v1-2. God doesn’t just cut off the branches but He prunes us. We aren’t just brought into his family and left as we are but God changes us, prunes us, to make us more like Him.

v3-4. We are clean by the blood of Jesus and we are to remain in Jesus. Practically I think this means to read His word, spend time with Him, give everything to Him, our thoughts, our actions, every moment of every day to Him, to really remain in Him. We cannot bear fruit by ourselves. Just becasue we have been made clean by the blood of Jesus doesn’t mean we can go our own way, we won’t bear fruit! We need to stay with Jesus!

v5-8. Jesus is the vine! Not just going to church, reading our Bible, though all good thnigs but Jesus himself! We can do nothing without Him! If we go away from Jesus, that is why we fall away, its our fault! if we remain in jesus, if we keep His words in us, meditating on them we can ask Him anything and He will provide.

I have been frustrated by some things lately thinking that they haven’t been Jesus focused enough, that prayer hasn’t been happening but i’ve been failing to look at myself. God challenged me today, to ask me, but am I remaining in Him? Do I really believe that NOTHING is possible without him or do i think i can try myself and ask Him if I really ahve to…NOTHING is possible without Jesus…is he the focus of my life?!

many people have asked about v8-does that mean I can have anything I want but God told me through this that if we are remaining in Jesus, seeking Him through His word then we are becoming more like Jesus, our thoughts are becoming more like His, our ways becoming more like His ways. We will be praying more of what Jesus wants which is ultimately for Gods glory! We won’t be selfish if we are remaining in Jesus.

v9-11. God loved Jesus-His only son, so much! jesus has loved us that much. he went to the cross because he loved us that much and becasue our sin was that bad! We are to remain in the love of Jesus-i think this means we are to reflect on the cross, on the price that was paid there, the love that was displayed there, for me and for you! We are to obey God just like Jesus did! jesus has told us this so that His joy may be complete in us…wow!

v12-13. Jesus loved us so much He lay down His life-there is no greater love. He did it for his friends, for those he loved, for the world he loved. We are to love as Jesus has loved us..woah! Thats asking a lot. I had been getting frustrated that we weren’t mission minded enough but again god rebuked me, saying do I really love as Jesus loved? Do I love those that he has placed in my life with the love of Jesus!?

v14-15. We are not servants! We know what Jesus knows. God has made it known to us. We really are part of the family, nothing held back!

v16-17. We were chosen by God to bear fruit. not just to remain but to remain and bear fruit. To make Him known. God has given us gifts to use, to share, for His glory! We are being transformed every day more into His image! We are to love one another. Are we doing that? Am I doing that!?

Sorry it was quite long, I just really felt challenged by Gods word tonight and wanted to share.


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  • 1. gabi  |  January 23, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Ah this is SUCH a good word! thankyou for posting it! my favourite part of the revelation is”We won’t be selfish if we are remaining in Jesus.” AWESOME stuff!

  • 2. Michelle  |  February 4, 2009 at 5:04 am

    Ahh, yes!! I LOVE reading stuff about His Word!

    I really liked this part: “Jesus is the vine! Not just going to church, reading our Bible, though all good things but Jesus Himself! We can do nothing without Him! If we go away from Jesus, that is why we fall away, its our fault! if we remain in Jesus, if we keep His words in us, meditating on them we can ask Him anything and He will provide.” You definitely hit the nail right on the head! Perfectly said.

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